LED Display Board

LED display boards are new verticals in the field of digital advertisement and branding. We have brought a variety of LED display boards as per the client’s requirement. We provide P10-p2 type led displays in single color as well as full color. We sell, install and provide after-sales services throughout the country.

Indoor LED Display

Indoor LED displays are commonly used in different type of indoor settings, such as Club & Bar, restaurant & lounges, museums, conference halls, meeting venue, sports bar and screening venues and other public spaces. Indoor LED displays in Nepal can be used to display a wide range of information, including text, images, video, and other multimedia content.

Types of LED Panels for Indoor Display


LED Panel (Full Color) Price/sq.ft.
P4 NRs. 14000/-
P3  NRs. 15000/-
P2.5  NRs. 16000/-
P2  NRs. 18000/-

The above price may change. Please contact us for updated price.

Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED display boards are mostly used for outdoor advertising and information display. We have installed many outdoor led display boards around the major cities. It has been recommended by companies to advertise their products and service because it attracts large viewership. Outdoor display boards mainly ranges from P6 to P10 in Full color and sometimes single color too.


LED Panel Price/sq.ft.
P10 (Color) NRs. 9750/-
P8 (Color)  NRs. 10750/-
P6 (Color)  NRs. 11900/-
P10 (Single Color) NRs. 5750/-

The above price may change. Please contact us for updated price.


We have expert team of engineers and technicians ready to install the boards at your specified location and position.


We have our After-Sales Support Team at many cities of Nepal from where we provide technical and non-technical support all over Nepal.


Call @ 9840094477 for more detail and other required information related to led display board in Nepal.

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