Wireless Master Controller



This is the brain of the Traffic  Light control system. It is able to control up to 32 output channels.

This is the upgraded version of MCI-02. The phase time of control of all older versions will be synced to 0-199 seconds when connected with the online software.


Technical Specifications

Parameters Description
Model No. MCI-03
Type Wireless
Operating Frequency 2.4GHz ISM Band
Transmitted Power ≤1W
Isotropic Radiated Power 4W (36dbm)
Operating Voltage 12-14VDC
Operating Temperature -10°C to +70°C.
Casing Polycarbonate
Protection Standard IP65
Modes of Operation Fixed time, Manual or via web application, Synchronized mode
Clock Type GPS based clock
GSM Modem Interface Yes
Web Interface Yes
Phase time Control 0 to 199 seconds (can be increased/decreased set as per requirement)
On/Off time Control Yes
Hourly and Holiday Phase time Yes
Display Type 16×2 LCD Display
Phase Sequences

Download  technical specification of Master Controller (MCI-03)

Download Technical  Specification of Master Controller (MCI-02)